“It is never what you have earned or what you have won, it is always what you have shared with others that makes you rich. That is what gives true pride. It’s worth lasts a life time. The value of the trophy lasts till the next tournament!”

Little things, experiences and observations of life, teach us a lot. Or, should I write, ‘can’ teach us a lot. For us, they are like seeds that can become a tree of strength and a lighthouse for directions.

“Grab as many seeds as possible. Create as many trees as possible
From the tree, I learn ‘Make your roots strong. There will never be shortage of flowers.

In a day and age when the backbone of our nation –our spiritual and cultural heritage –is weak, this small team of SNS members is relentlessly working towards strengthening our roots.

Using education as the perfect tool, we believe we are doing our bit to make our freedom fighters and reform leaders proud.