WE refers to work Education. It is mandatory that CBSE students complete 120 hours of such activities. The school provides opportunities to the students to work and gain experience in long-term activities such as Tribal School project, Orphanage project, Environmental and Health Awareness project, vocational training, mushroom cultivation etc. In addition, students also participate in cultural activities, adventure camps, dramatics, and symposiums.

The objective of WE is to enable the students to develop a value system by which they enhance their personal growth. By participating in WE, the students develop a spirit of open-mindedness, lifelong learning, and self-reliance.


SNS is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi (National Board) for the All India Secondary School Examination (Grade X).


Sri National School

Typically admissions start from February onwards and go until March as the new academic year begins in April. SNS follows a first cum-first serve basis of admission. Admission forms are available a month earlier at the office. Age limit is as set by the Government of Tamil Nadu